The Black Guard is a band of cutthroat mercenaries. They are availabe for hire to the highest bidder. 

Unit Details

The Black Guard is led by a coequal triumvirate.

The Altgrave is the political leader of the group. He represents the unit to the outside world. He is the face of the Black Guard. He gained his position by founder's right.

The Warlord is the unit's leader in battle. On the field, her word is law. She leads unit practices and teaches unit members the art of war. She gained her position though feat of arms.

The Luminary is the non-combatant leader of the unit. She organizes all non-combatant activities of the group. Such activities include keeping camp, cooking, crafting, and teaching non-com skills. She gained her position through election.

All members of the unit undergo an initiation ritual in which they swear fealty to the unit and to its rules.


Founded in 2013, the Black Guard has been growing to become a power in the North East.


The Black Guard were a mercenary unit employed by Bavmorda during the Galedorn invasion and left to the wayside after her fall at the hands of the tiny wizard.

Eventually, they wandered back the uninhabited lands of Tir Asleen to establish mercenary operations.