Based in central Ohio Rivendell is a quickly maturing, active Chapter. Hosting regular practices, build days, feasts and events Rivendell has emerged from it's woods as one of the fastest up and coming Chapters in the Dagorhir league.


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Local Units

Rivendell houses many different units in it's borders with the children of the lady Kesha, the Pandaemonium and the horselords of Wargar being the two most represented in the chapter. Also within it's borders you'll find a number of Uruk-Hai warriors, Imperial Guard, and the Silver Sun Corsairs raiding it's rivers.[1]

Alongside it's numerous units is a healthy population of local rabble, cross-gamers from the local Amtgard group and the like.


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The Siege of Imladris

Since 2015 the Realm of Rivendell have held an annual Juvly weekend campout event, The Siege of Imladris.

Imladris is a Sindarin term which means "deep valley of the cleft": from imlad ("glen, deep valley") and rist ("cleft") or riss ("ravine").[7] Its Westron term Rivendell comes from the English riven ("to tear apart or split") and dell ("valley").[2] The Siege of Imladris on Tolkien's history is actually two separate battles where the forces of the dark lord Sauron lay siege to the elven sanctuary of Rivendell.

Today Rivendell is besieged by northmen, greenskins, all things evil with hope of lifting this siege resting on the shoulders of men, elves, and the forces of light. But all is not so grim, with feasts, tournaments, roleplay quests and merriment abundant the Siege of Imladris is a highlight of Rivendell's season.