From Strength and Discipline, Liberty


Relaunched in 2012, Barenheim has grown to become one of the largest realms in PA, hosting multiple campouts every year and contributing many unique events to Ragnarok.

Local Units


Furia Del Norte

The Rogin

Urk Kuldar


Among the hills and forests, a small people sought a place to where they could grow and be free. For a while, they thought they had found it in Barenheim. But it was not to last. Rulers were forced on these once free people by outlanders, and the realm they established withered.

But it did not die.

A wandering knight, a half elf, and two rangers, brought together by the winds of fate, guided by the sign of a blazing Phoenix, lead the realm of Barenheim to cast off its chains, leading the realm into a new Golden Age.


Raiding Season (Early Spring)

Siege of the Azure Keep (Mid Spring)

Summer Revel (Mid Summer)

Victory at the Gates (High Summer)

Barenheim Games (Harvest Time)

Firebird Festival (December)